The Uncomfortable Update on

So it’s nearly been a year since (HM) started and I could sum it up with a simple “WTF”.

The platform I ran everything on got worse and WORSE, I always had a plan to add bookkeeping to my existing website clients, but now I’m going bookkeeping first. There isn’t a good reason to trash the platform I used, but later this year I might hope on the High-Level train or put more into the Showit platform. HM as a brand is gonna fade and turn into the next name, which I’m not gonna expose just yet because I’m just claiming all the usernames. I don’t need another MoniotorMom issue again. although its completely avoidable now that have an inner circle of one other person. LOL


That’s the tea, I don’t want to gate keep much of anything and this bog is gonna be my favorite reference in about 5 years.